One World Kitchen summer schedule

Posted on July 5, 2015 Under News 0 Comments

You can still watch every minute of One World Kitchen this summer! Gusto TV is playing it again… twice!

With all of the promotion and general excitement of the show, things have been incredibly busy. So busy that even I didn’t even have enough time to sit down and watch every episode. But don’t worry – if you missed a few episodes, most of the episodes, or even the entire premiere of season 1, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to watch every last moment of One World Kitchen. You can still catch it on GustoTV (available in Canada on Bell and Telus cable networks) in July and August. Here’s when:

  • July: One World Kitchen plays Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 & 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time / 7:00 & 7:30pm Eastern Time
  • August: Watch for it every weekday at 3:00pm and 11:00pm PST (and also 6:30am for you early risers!)/ 9:30am, 6:00pm, and 2am Eastern Time

Happy watching!